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About Katrine Tegisti Broberg

Katrine is 23 years old and a student of history at Aalborg University. She was adopted from Ethiopia at the age of approx. 2½ years old back in 2001. Katrine has visited Ethiopia once after she came to Denmark when she picked up her younger brother in 2007.

Katrine has been on the Adoption & Society Youth board for 3 years, and through this she has gained an interest in the historical and political perspective of adoption. This has, among other things, resulted in her writing and publishing a handbook on adoption. Katrine's areas of interest within adoption are particularly legislation and the historical background for how the field adoption is today.


Link to Katrine Tegisti's Handbook about Adoption (only in Danish)

About Ina Dulanjani Dygaard

Ina Dulanjani Dygaard, 30 years old, single mother of a little girl. Ina was adopted from Sri Lanka to Denmark at just 6 weeks old. Later in childhood, she was also adopted as a stepchild by her father, who entered her life early in childhood.

Ina has worked with adoption for more than 10 years. Both as chairman in Adoption & Society Youth and Post Adoption Coordinator in DIA. For the past 6 years she has been 2nd vice chairman of Adoption & Society. In addition, Ina has been appointed as a substitute board member of the Nordic Adoption Council.

About Kira Pumali Pedersen

Kira Pumali is 32 years old, Educational Anthropologist and mother of two. She was adopted from Sri Lanka and came to Denmark when she was 10 weeks old. Kira has a younger brother who was also adopted from Sri Lanka.

Together with the family, she has visited Sri Lanka and the orphanage several times.

Kira and her parents have always been very open about adoption, which is why in the last few years she has talked about the problems associated with it on Instagram - for example racism, attachment and mental health.

About Lærke Theodora Wiemann

Lærke Theodora is 31 years old. She was Danish domestically adopted when she was 4 months old. She has a master’s degree in Psychology of Language. In her thesis she investigated the significance of the discourse that surrounds the adoption of ethnic Danish domestic adoptees in a society where they do not visibly stand out.

Lærke Theodora is host of the Danish podcast The Many Faces of Adoption and she is also writing on a book about adoption. She is working with Adoption and Society on a project about Danish domestic adoptees. Lærke Theodora’s areas of interest in adoption is to help all adoptees to be acknowledged and to have a voice, even if they don’t look adopted.


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