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Cooperation between the receiving country and the countries of origin regarding Post Adoption Service

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The PAS department at Adoptionscentrum, Roots and Journeys, has more than 25 years of professional experience in assisting and supporting adoptees and their families. The two most common working tasks are:  

-Adult adoptees who search for their biological roots

-Biological families who search for the adoptee 

Our conviction is that the support is more important than the result of the search.

For decades we have cooperated with South Korea and Colombia, among other countries, and our work is built on respectful and mutual relations. 

Our responsibility and main focus are to assist and support the adoptee through the whole process. During years of experience, we have seen that the result of the search not always lives up to the expectations of the adoptee. Obviously, going through a process of root search can be life changing, no matter of the results.


About Sandra Stendahl & Anna Guwert

Anna Guwert (to the left in the picture) has a bachelor degree in Political Science, Stockholm University. Her professional career has been focused on international relations and global development cooperation in Sweden and abroad. Anna holds a position as case officer at Roots and Journeys. Anna was adopted from Guatemala at the age of 6 months.

Sandra Stendahl (to the right in the picture) has a bachelor degree in Social Work, Stockholm University, Sweden. Her professional career has mainly been focused on psychological support to children and youth. At Adoptionscentrum, Sandra holds a position as case officer at Roots and Journeys and at the adoption intermediation team. Sandra was adopted from Colombia at the age of 2,5 years.

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